Gil Cohen can help your HR improve employee satisfaction

gil cohen the man the legend

I am fortunate that I have seen Mr. Gil Cohen in action on LinkedIn, and if I wanted to improve my employee satisfaction he would be the first one I called.

No, he isn’t paying me to say this, I have just noticed for a long time his meaningful, thoughtful, and useful insights into organizational behavior. I was a psychology major in college, but Gil’s knowledge of Psychology far exceeds mine. I learn things every time I read what he writes on LinkedIn. It is obvious that his passion and skills are a great match.

It turns out that there are many studies that support that workers who are appreciated are more effective. HR is busy with many tasks but there is always room to improve, right? To me even if I had the best HR staff, they are often so busy taking care of issues another helping hand I bet would be appreciated.

One of the other things I notice on LinkedIn is that with Mr. Cohen I have never seen him get angry or frustrated. I know that sometimes I get frustrated by people’s difficulty in understanding facts and logic. At times I wonder if people are just trying to defend their own emotional biases instead of talking about things in a rational way. I can assure you that no matter how irrational someone is, Gil keeps a cool head and comes across as approachable and friendly.

I have unfortunately worked in too many companies that had mass layoffs, went out of business, or got bought by another company and then laid people off.

We all need respect and help in the tough job market, and Gil Cohen is one very good way to help your organization.

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