Getting to know special needs people is incredible

'Bobby!... It's not polite to stare at people just because they're differently abled.'

I have been watching a channel on Youtube called SBSK. It features special needs people and it is really incredible to watch. It is educational, emotional, and spiritual.

'Bobby!... It's not polite to stare at people just because they're differently abled.'
‘Bobby!… It’s not polite to stare at people just because they’re differently abled.’

Judging someone by their appearance is so common. We all lose when we do this. We judge others by things that mean nothing to the kind of person we are. For example, I was adopted and on my adoption papers, it said that I would grow up to be handicapped and addicted with low intellect.  When I was a kid I was kind of fat, so I was judged by my weight.

So when I see someone who is judged for their appearance I don’t agree with that. In fact, I defend those who are judged because I know how that feels. This is why often on this blog you read about kindness and respect. It is so crucial in life.

Watching these videos is sometimes a challenge for me. I feel so humbled by individuals’ courage, patience, wisdom, kindness, and love. I wrote an earlier post about feeling vulnerable and it was because of watching these videos.

It is easy for me to feel the humanity in these videos. I shared before how I used to help at the Special Olympics and had friendships with special needs people. One of them called me his best friend, and I was so proud of that. The other person wanted to have a girlfriend relationship with me because she said I was a good friend and she wanted it to be forever.

I feel lucky that I had these experiences in my life. I feel so good about the time I have spent getting to know different people. If you can step back from your life for a moment and really listen to someone else, I promise you that you will feel gratitude and grow.

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Treating people as individuals and listening helps everyone.