Gave up my Apple watch

Iwatch Photo

I wrote earlier that I loved my Apple watch. I did, but I also grew to dislike it the more I used it.

It went to a friend who loves it. She will probably only use it as a watch which is fine. I don’t like to waste things so they go to friends when I am done with them. Here is my list.

Things I dislike about the Apple Watch

  1. Difficult to stay synchronized with Mac. It was another thing that I had to make sure didn’t have pairing issues. I already have pairing issues with my iPad and Messages failing to synchronize correctly. This is a weakness with Apple updates and it sometimes just stops working and syncing messages.
  2. Iwatch Photo
    iwatch photo

    Fallen and I haven’t. It says that I have fallen and I haven’t. It can’t seem to understand that some movements aren’t a problem. If you exercise or do yoga you will find this out.

  3. Lack of privacy. I don’t need Apple and Microsoft to know every detail of my life.
  4. Constant charging. I don’t want to charge multiple devices. I have my iPhone on a charging stand so that is useful for me. The iPad is a pain to charge and seriously makes me want to buy a charging stand for that as well. I might in the future but the more devices you have the more you are a slave to things. I only use the iPad to play a game which is a waste of it I know. I just don’t like the iOS.
  5. Goofy interface. Yes, a small screen requires creativity but there were many things that you had to learn to use it. I don’t mind learning but I don’t want Apple to do this to their other iOS devices and supporting the watch is telling them we like what they are doing.
  6. Additional noise and vibration. I am a highly sensitive person. I don’t need more stimulation. I couldn’t take it over time. It was enough to push me past what I could comfortably handle each day.
  7. Kept wanting my attention. It would constantly need to be attended to. Stop it I have other things that are a priority.
  8. Hard to shower with. It was wonderfully waterproof but it meant that I had to move it around to wash. Kind of annoying.
  9. Concern about radiation. My doctor told me that ionizing radiation can be a danger. There is still debate about non-ionizing radiation which the watch has. I put my iPhone away from me so if I am being conservative with my health it isn’t worth the risk.
  10. Makes me a target. I had an iPhone stolen on the train once and so I don’t want anything that could tempt someone to try to steal from me. It just isn’t worth it. It is better to look poor which I am great at since I am poor.

Of course, your mileage may vary. I am glad if you love it.

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