Friendships surprise you in unexpected ways

Friendship Funny Comic

Today when I was getting dressed I thought of a friend I used to have a long time ago. Friendships can surprise you in unexpected ways.

The reason I remembered him is that the way I was dressing today was the same way he used to dress. He always wore a shirt under another shirt which for me was a different way to dress. I tended to only wear one shirt and no undershirt so he was the first person I knew who did that. I smiled when I thought of him and hoped he was doing well in life.

Friendship Funny Comic
friendship funny comic

One of the most touching things about friendships is the ways that they make you feel good even when they aren’t around. Often friends will say something sweet, or wise and you grow because of them. I have appreciated all of the friends I have had and was sad when friendships didn’t work out.

I often wonder about people who don’t have friendships with others. When I was growing up I tried to be friends with some people who seemed to be friendless but they didn’t want to be my friend either. You can’t force it, and if someone doesn’t make an effort to get to know you then that is sad for them mostly. I spent a great deal of time and energy in my friendships when I was younger and it often wasn’t returned. I am not mad at those people. They weren’t the right friends for me. I was more surprised that people could be happy without having someone to talk to.

Don’t misunderstand. I don’t need people to talk to them. I just find that talking to people makes a better mood for everyone and that more people would be happy if they spent less time on their technology and more time on their immediate relationships. At work, I always make small talk with my coworkers and probably at times seem too chatty to some people. You can’t please everyone so don’t bother trying. My experience is that I have had more success in life with respect and kindness than with silence and apathy.

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Friendships have turned the course of my life into being happier as time goes by. I appreciate everyone who cared about me and who cares about me. I always fantasized that if I ever won the lottery or was able to help others I would. I look forward to it if that day ever arrives.