Friend needed help with Logitech G613 control key not working

friends keyboard

I found a friend to give my basically new Logitech G613 keyboard and MX mouse to. They were thrilled, but they immediately had a problem. When they tried to use the control key in Chrome it didn’t work. I had to research to find the solution.

It turns out that this is another case where our friend Microsoft is to blame. The linked article I just shared is also the solution. It is brilliantly simple. In the Mac system preferences in the modifier keys, you have to switch the Command and Control modifier keys and then close the keyboard control panel and start a web browser. Then the control key works in Chrome!

Also in my research, I found that many Windows users had problems with certain keys not working in Chrome. Two solutions for this. One is to hit the Windows key twice before hitting the key you want to use. The second is to hit the scroll break/pause button and then hit the key you use. Strange but it seemed to fix the problem for other people with Windows systems.

To troubleshoot I tested Firefox, and Safari on the computer of my friend and it showed the same problem. To me, this said it was a system-level issue, not just a Chrome issue. Unfortunately, because this computer was locked by their security department I couldn’t install the Logitech software to map keys which is probably for the best since my experience with Logitech software has been disappointing.

So I found a new home for this keyboard and mouse and for now, I am just going to use the built In keyboard, my Ivanky adapter, and a lap desktop pad. This keeps my wrists and arms level and is very comfortable. I am so thrilled with my home setup. It has been the most comfortable setup I have had to use computers. It has taken time/years to evolve but the only upgrade is a new chair, and that is not a necessity.

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