Stories from my past: A social experiment with food

Have you ever been in an office and the most common thing that people bring in is donuts, cookies, and other pastries? Nothing wrong with that, but I was curious. What if you brought in a vegetables and fruit platter? What would happen? So I finally did that, and here are the results.

I was surprised when I went back into the kitchen and much of the fruit was gone but also a surprising amount of vegetables. I didn’t think anyone would eat them when they are used to the sweet stuff. It turns out that no one knew who brought in the gifts so they started calling the person the “fruit fairy”. What do you think happened in the future? That is going to be another story.

It was a small office and mostly mature people worked there. I have noticed that the older people get the more bakery items they seem to buy. Have you noticed that as well? In offices with young people, there are less sweet treats. In an office I worked that had mostly young people they had things like chips or things with flavors rather than sugar. I was curious why that was. Do you know why?

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