Footstools sure have changed

Ottoman Funny Comic
Ottoman Funny Comic
ottoman funny comic

I received a footstool that I ordered yesterday and it was so comfortable. I am enjoying it now.

Why am I sharing this? I have noticed that articles about unusual topics tend to be more popular. Topics that I don’t think anyone will care about, seem to have the biggest readership. I might appeal to people who like off-beat stuff, which is fine.

There is a second footstool I bought at the same time. However, it takes a few more days to get here. That will go in front of the couch. The manufacturer of the couch had an ottoman for six hundred! dollars but that wasn’t worth it to me. These two together cost $200 and I get two instead of one so that is better for me. One at my desk and one at the couch. The one at my desk has four legs and is helping me with cable management.

This footstool is so light that I was surprised when I was carrying the box to my apartment. I was like 12 lbs and I thought to myself “I have carried heavier laptops than this.” Is that the sign of a nerd or what that they compare the weight to a laptop? I remember my grandmother’s old footstool. It was made of metal or lead or plutonium something ridiculously heavy. I didn’t like it. I thought it was ugly old, and useless. As a kid, I didn’t need to put my feet up but if that made her happy then great, it is her house and things. The older I get the more I enjoy my feet being up. It’s funny how things change as time passes.

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There is an old saying “Things don’t change, we do.” I believe that. I enjoy being able to enjoy more things. As a kid, I sat in a banana chair which as you probably know, doesn’t have any separation from the floor. I thought those chairs were awesome. On a carpet, they worked well for kids. I think that’s why when I saw the Japanese style of having things simple and close to the floor it appealed to me. I like simple things like that. My apartment is as Japanese as I can make it. I think it’s a beautiful way to live to not be burdened by things. Every day I question what I have and look to give to friends/donate things that I no longer use.

However, for now, I will keep this footstool for a while. It is serving a glorious purpose.