Find ways to enjoy life

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Life is stressful and you have to find ways to enjoy life.

Lately, I have been watching Audio Visual reviews on Youtube. I enjoy one channel called Andrew Robinson. I have always been interested in speakers and sound but I never had the money to seriously pursue it in the past. When I bought the newer TV it came with atmos built-in speakers which sound great.  Now I am strongly tempted to buy other speakers to see what more I can do to experience this atmos sound.

I have sat in stores that had surround sound systems set up and they sounded great. Even if I had the money I moved often and hauling that much equipment would have been difficult. One of the downsides of people like me who rent is that we have to limit our possessions since moving is challenging. As much as I would like to experiment with all kinds of equipment, it just isn’t realistic. If I get a permanent place, then I can consider getting more complicated.

I shared all of that to say this – Atmos/surround sound from a soundbar is very tempting. Being able to enjoy that state-of-the-art with a minimum of wires and components would be amazing. According to many reviews, the unit that is recommended is $2500. That is a really hard number to accept.

It is hard to accept because buying electronic equipment that becomes worthless is not something I want to do. That same amount of money put into investment could mean so much more in the future. However, in life, you have to balance the present and the future so this is something I am still considering. More than likely however I won’t buy that no matter how great reviews I hear.

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This is what is making me enjoy life at the present. What is making your life enjoyable?