Find a way to succeed

'Ms. Jennings, have you seen my 'Organization is the Key to the Success' poster?'

Lots of people will give you reasons why you can’t succeed in the world. Ignore them.

'Ms. Jennings, have you seen my 'Organization is the Key to the Success' poster?'
‘Ms. Jennings, have you seen my ‘Organization is the Key to the Success’ poster?’

Now of course I recognize that many people might say to me “You are white and you have white privilege.” That is true I am. So that has given me advantages that other people do not have. However, I have also had disadvantages, and that has worked against me as well.

This article is not about me, however. Rather it is about what I see in people I speak with. They often say that without a college degree, or without something they feel they lack, life is too difficult for them. I agree that life is very difficult for many people. I have seen firsthand the effects of racism, ignorance, and injustice.

I am only writing this because whatever you can do to improve your life then do it. Even if it doesn’t feel like it amounts to much, still do it. For example, I had a friend who could only save a small amount each paycheck. Over the years that grew in a big sum and then he invested it and now he is doing ok. Small efforts over time can yield large results.

Life is more about doing things every day that contribute to your long-term success. I have seen people who don’t speak good English in time speak great English. Each day they learned a new word, and in time they spoke English better than native speakers. Whatever seems impossible is possible if you just work towards it each day.

When you want something bad enough in your life, you can find a way to have it. Everything that I have wanted in my life that I really needed I have. I wanted to be loved, and I am. I wanted to feel financially secure and I do. I wanted to contribute to others and I am.

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Life always has a way to succeed, you just need to be creative and find it.