Feeling vulnerable sometimes is normal

'It's just until the head lice problem at school clears up.'

It isn’t always easy to recognize when you feel vulnerable, but it is normal and ok when you do.

'It's just until the head lice problem at school clears up.'
‘It’s just until the head lice problem at school clears up.’

In order to research things I watch videos that sometimes that make me feel uncomfortable. One of those videos was of a burnt child who was blind as well. I didn’t realize at first why I felt it was difficult to watch, but I came back to it and then understood.

We don’t like to do or think about things that make us feel uncomfortable. However, if you can challenge yourself to do uncomfortable things you will grow. Each day I do something that makes me feel uncomfortable to challenge my own beliefs and boundaries. What I learned is that many things that we feel are not real limitations.

For example, watching that child’s video helped me understand how a simple accident could cause lifelong difficulty. It helped me to see that the child still was human no matter how difficult his body was.

Another example. In the past, I meet a friend online chatting and she invited me to her house. Imagine my surprise when she answered the door and she was in a wheelchair! I spoke to her and asked her why she didn’t tell me she was in a wheelchair and had palsy. She said she was afraid I would reject her and I could understand that.

I thought about what I should do. On one hand, she lied to me, but on the other, I might have done the same. I said that I forgave her and still thought she was a good person. We spent some time together and she was a lovely person that I was glad that I met. I had hoped she might be a gf, but we could be friends.

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Being rejected hurts and it has nothing to do with being disfigured, special needs, or anything else. It has to do with the person you meet. Either they are open, accepting, and warm, or they are frightened, controlling, and narrow-minded. The luckiest people find the former as friends.