Fair Fighting is a useful idea for professional and personal

firefighter comic

I discovered the concept of Fair Fighting yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.

firefighter comic
firefighter comic

Here are the rules:

  1. Before you begin, ask yourself why you feel upset.
  2. Discuss one topic at a time.
  3. No degrading language.
  4. Express your feelings with words.
  5. Take turns speaking.
  6. No stonewalling.
  7. No yelling.
  8. Take a time-out if things get too heated.
  9. Attempt to come to a compromise or an understanding.

These are all helpful when you discuss with someone. Here are a few more rules that I like to do that seem to help difficult conversations.

  1. Go first at apologizing.
  2. Be the bigger person and forgive.
  3. Remember their positive qualities.
  4. Be affectionate and kind.
  5. Try to laugh at the silliness when you recognize it.
  6. Be aware of being a hypocrite.
  7. Don’t try to win or worry about losing. Those are meaningless.
  8. Seek for win/win.
  9. Look long term
  10. Remember they are part of your human family.

I learned this from All in the Family. A 50-year-old show that still has relevant things to share. I love it.

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