Experimenting with sharing some Mashups

Cartoon Mashup Star Wars

In the last week, I have been experimenting with sharing some mashups. I love them, and I’m listening to them now. They are so creative and often better than the originals.

I might listen to 50-100 ones to find a Mashup I like. I like discovery and being surprised in life with new things. Part of life is to try new things and have new experiences so that to me is part of the fun of life. Life can be frustrating but it also has its pleasures, and we can enjoy simple things like being surprised as part of it.

Cartoon Mashup Star Wars
cartoon mashup star wars

Why am I sharing Mashups? I have many interests and it’s hard for me to be content to focus on any one thing exclusively. For example last night I was reading more in-depth about one aspect of technology. I don’t follow it every month, but I catch up every six months or so. It helps me help companies, and most companies can’t immediately make chances without a POC (Proof of Concept) and some internal discussion. So there is no delay if you don’t suggest something until it’s been out in the wild for a bit and had a chance to mature.

Life has so many interesting things in it. I will be looking at mashups more next since I have had good luck lately. Doesn’t it seem like life sometimes gives you exactly what you need to learn and grow?

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