Excellent Microsoft technologies instructor – John Savill

John Savill
John Savill
John Savill

I love watching educational Microsoft technologies instructor John Savill. He seems to be the most succinct and conversational instructor that I have found.

Watching him as I write this. I am listening to him but I find it easier to learn from him than from other types of instruction I have had. I like the whiteboard which helps you understand the theoretical concepts and avoids the boring PowerPoint format that many instructors seem to favor. More work for him but better for the learner. It feels natural.

Is there a downside to watching him? Not really. He offers paid teaching which makes sense if your time is valuable. However, he has more content than you will care to watch. He is constantly updating his information and he is a great summary of what Microsoft is doing in Azure and other technologies. There are a few key people on the internet that I have learned many things from. He is one of them. He has a unique gift to understand the sometimes confusing message that Microsoft gives and it makes it so simple to understand.

One of the frustrating things about working with Microsoft technologies is that MS often uses words in ways that are contrary to their assumed/normal meaning. Microsoft can also have incorrect documentation so you have to carefully read what Microsoft says. Sometimes to get something to work you have to do the opposite of what Microsoft says. It takes experience to know when to do this.

He is very thorough and if you want to learn from him it’s best to take him in short chunks of videos. You can’t remember everything that he is telling you if you try to cram what he does. Slow and steady is the way to learn things in depth.

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