Everyone is selling something

great salesman comic

You have to keep in mind that everyone is selling something.

Youtube should be called “sales videos”. Everyone has a dog in the fight and pushing their own agenda. It is tiring.

I like watching educational videos and increasingly they are not aging well. The videos show people who have no credibility talking and it clearly isn’t logical, it just is a reflection of the times.

No matter what the topic I am finding youtube videos less informational and more advertorial than ever before. I stop watching channels that cross the line from providing useful information to producing propaganda.

The older you get the more you are able to recognize subtle selling. I don’t trust any advertising and stopped trusting advertising as a kid. I used to watch Popeye and I thought I’d buy spinach at the grocery store to get muscles as the cartoon show. I ate the spinach and then looked at my muscle and nothing happened. I never believed anything since then again.

If I had access to the internet I would have found out about spinach before I bought it, but I didn’t. Now we have this great tool where we can find out other people’s experiences before we buy things. Frankly, I don’t understand why people don’t want to make their lives easier by finding out the facts about things.

When you watch things in the media you need to critically think about what they are trying to convince you. The truth is that you won’t see the truth on TV. How can we see the truth from an organization that has a vested interest in keeping people in fear and uncertainty?

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I don’t know what the truth is, but when I was a reporter I learned not to trust the media. I am not a cynic, but I don’t trust that appearances are reality.