Employees still have the upper hand due to tight labor

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As the Baby Boomers leave, things are improving for the rest of us. You can read more in the Axios article here.

It may not feel that way for everyone, and this is mostly seen in the knowledge worker economy however this is helpful for many people who have been laid off and who are looking for a new position.

My Way Or Highway Comic
my way or highway comic

One of the things the article said is that AI demand outpaces supply. Just like in Cybersecurity, the number of people is not sufficient to fill the demand. I have seen that the AI content that I have written lately has been more popular. This is one reason I am writing about it, plus it is interesting to learn about.

If you do the things that are difficult in life you tend to stay employed at a salary that lets you continue to learn and grow. Of course, no one owes you anything in life, and it is also possible that you can graduate college and not get a high-paying job and work in minimum wage jobs too. That is the risk of the free market as if we had that.

Still, knowing that people can still WFH and that companies who have tried to force an in-office policy have had employees leave for greener pastures, gives lots of people options. I have said before that WFH is perfect for people with medical conditions, disabilities, Highly Sensitive People, introverts, and many others. Doing the work is what is important, not wasting time in small talk at the water cooler.

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Work at a place that you feel values you. Life is too short to work where you feel unhappy.