Dreams have been incredible

dreams comic

My dreams have been incredible lately. Not to brag, but they have been reflecting on how I think/feel during the day and what a joy they are.

Last night I dreamed of a schoolteacher who believed in me when I was younger. In the dream, I saw her at a fair and she was manning a booth. When I talked to her she said she was helping a nonprofit she founded. Then she hugged me.  When I woke up I realized what that had meant. I received a compliment the day previously and I was just thinking about how good that compliment felt and that I had earned it.

dreams comic
dreams comic

This is also a message to people who are responsible and manage others. Don’t underestimate the value of complimenting and being appreciative of those who work for you. It isn’t enough to say words, but also promotes and gives raises. I have seen the healthiest environments do this, and places that do this have committed workers who go above and beyond.

There were two additional dreams but I don’t need to share them here. I understand what those messages meant. The more attention you pay to your dreams, the more you realize what your deeper self wants and is motivated by. In the dream, it seemed real although unusual, but I didn’t question it. Many times in life things are real and unusual so you just go with it.

Still having a wonderful dream and a wonderful life makes you appreciate everything more. Don’t you think?

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