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Don’t waste your life trying to please the unpleasable

In life you will come across people who are unpleasable. Don’t waste your life trying to please them.

I had a boss once who told me that he doesn’t believe in Gartner group recommendations. I had pointed out that my suggestions were the top choices in that. Then a few weeks later, when I spoke to him about something else, he referenced the Gartner group as a basis of his decision. He turned to his coworker and said “They are in the top Gartner group recommendations so they must be good.”

I didn’t argue or point out anything to him. It doesn’t matter if people change their mind, but don’t act as though you are being consistent.

The worst bosses are the ones who aren’t consistent. As an employee you can never please them because you don’t know how they will react.

I had another boss who wanted me to do something a particular way. I did it exactly as he told me. Later he changed his mind and asked me “Why did you make this decision to do it this way?” I reminded him that I did it the way he told me to and he said he changed his mind and wants me to start over and redo it. Ok I will.

I had a different boss who asked me to do a project and didn’t provide me specific requirements. I did it the best I thought how and he later criticized one of my choices. I reminded him that I had asked him if he wanted anything particular when I started and he didn’t respond to that email. I changed what I did and went back and did the rework.

As an employee I am happy to do whatever I am asked to do. If you don’t tell someone or change your mind, just let them know when you change it. Employees want to help just allow us to win when we do what we are told.

Don’t waste your time trying to please the unpleasable. Ask for specifics so your job is clear.

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