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Don’t use AI to write personal correspondence

AI intelligence comic

If you do and they realize it, it will damage your relationship.

You can read here a study that was done that when people knew that a personal note was written by AI they thought less of the sender. It was perceived as inauthentic and insincere.

AI intelligence comic
AI intelligence comic

I wrote earlier that I will never use AI writing here. I want personality in what I write. No, I’m not a stable genius. The fact is that machine writing sucks for touching someone’s spirit, and that is what you are giving up by using it to write in that way.

Technology isn’t perfect for every use case. I have written before that people are happier when they don’t trust technology. Even though I work in technology I don’t trust it. I double-check, randomly check, and always question its results. You can’t just set something up and expect it to reflect reality. Technology is still very much a work in progress.

Now if you want to overapply AI to everything what will happen is that you will alienate everyone around you. You have to think through the case use and ask yourself, what is the goal here? Saving money can be done without AI and using AI doesn’t always make a product better. It might open up additional vulnerabilities that you don’t know about.

I get it. AI is different and the promise it can do is exciting. However, let’s not lose sight that this is a baby step into strong AI and we have a long way to go before we discuss with Mr. Data.

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