Don’t bother to self-promote

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It is a waste of time. Mr. Miyagi said, “People believe what they want to believe.”

Everyone and their dog asks you to watch their YouTube videos and promote their content. Don’t promote me. I am not doing this to be popular but to share the mistakes that I made so that you don’t waste your time.

Part of what I don’t like about LinkedIn is the obvious self-promotional nature. I don’t believe in talking about myself. I would rather have others talk about it. Which always happens no matter where I work. I said earlier to ignore the haters. There will always be people who suspect your motives, even if you don’t have any motives other than to help people. People like to dislike others. I don’t understand it myself. They feel superior if they can belittle others which is so childish and small-minded.

Karate Kid Photo
karate kid photo

Let’s say that you are popular on LinkedIn and people love you. How does that make your life better? The world doesn’t need more platitudes and dumb speeches. Sure you could write a book if enough people want to read it, but everything has already been said. Now I sound like Q. “It’s all been said and done before.”

I understand that some people need the emotional reinforcement of constant praise. I think this is immature. As adults we give love, and only a child/baby needs to have love expressed to them. Appreciating others as adults is nice, but it is a gift, not a requirement. When we look to have our emotional needs filled by a social media platform, we are not adults we are addicts looking for a fix.

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Emotional addiction is part of why people buy and do things in their lives. They feel better when they do it. When we share things on social media are we doing it to help others, or to make ourselves feel good? What are our true motives? We may think we are helping others, but deep down you know the truth. Is your life about making yourself feel good and there is very little true empathy and compassion for others?

Empathy and compassion for others is helping others when you aren’t recognized. Making others feel good when no one else will know about it. It is about giving to charity and not talking about it. It is looking to help others when you aren’t helped by helping them. It is taking a chance when playing it safe is the “wiser” course of action.

When you try to make yourself look good you only look sad and desperate. I don’t ever try to make myself look good. I have said ways that I fail, and I have shared mistakes I have made. I have made lots of mistakes in my life, but I can learn from them. Learning from my mistakes is one of my superpowers. Can this also be yours?