Don’t bother buying an expensive HDMI cable for a cheap projector

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A cheap HDMI cable came with my cheap projector. I wondered if it might be the cause of the sometimes small vertical flicking I saw when I used my Mac/Windows systems. I know now it is not.

The reason I can state this is that I found my expensive top-of-the-line quality HDMI cable and have been using it for the last week. I see the flickering but far less since using Linux Mint. I don’t see that the better cable made any difference.

Why would I buy this more expensive HDMI cable? When I was using the 55-inch TV it increased the refresh rate from 60 to 120. Which is a big difference and made my eyes feel more rested. However, the projector can only do a 60Hz refresh. So this cable is a waste for this projector.

Will I continue to use the cable? Sure why not? I don’t care about the TV anymore. It’s in the bedroom but I don’t plan on using it. I am only keeping it around as an emergency backup. Remember two is one and one is none? I asked my friends if they wanted it but they were happy with what they had.

It still seems a little unreal. I mean I am looking at this big screen and I still can’t believe it. I have a projector! I never would have imagined that they would become affordable enough one day to buy one. I worked with them in businesses but they were always so much money. Isn’t it neat how things become more affordable with time? Well, at least the things that we don’t need, while housing and other necessities are still out of reach for most people.

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Now what would it take to get 120Hz in a projector? More money than I want to spend right now. A quick survey showed a few posts that said that it would be at least 2500+ for new units, and less if you are willing to buy used. Some cheaper gaming-oriented projectors have 120Hz but incredibly short bulb lifespans. I’d rather trade that for a longer lifespan where it is more affordable on the total cost of operation.

HDMI is cool, isn’t it?