Don’t be afraid to ask questions

afraid questions comic

I don’t know why, but too many people believe if they ask questions they will look stupid. This just isn’t true.

All of my life I have asked questions and what I learned is that other people had the same questions. Many times people said to me thanks for asking those questions I didn’t want to look dumb. They felt that since other people seemed to understand what others were talking about, they should have understood as well.

It is the easiest thing for people to look like they understand something and then forget about what they heard. I think that 90% of what people hear they just feel isn’t important and forget. I can say that because I have taught people computer skills that they need to do their job. They might remember the time they had their job, but then they forget. What is the use of learning if you can’t remember?

When you have a question that is thoughtful, people notice and like that. You show your intelligence by asking questions, not just staring and drooling like others may be doing. When you consider what you are being told with a critical mindset, you keep yourself from having to do things that are a waste of time and counterproductive to society. You have to challenge ignorance, sloppy thinking, and assumptions.

Questions are a natural part of understanding something. Only by asking questions can you understand something deeply. The people who never ask questions never really grasp the material and they never show an interest in further knowledge. Questions are the hallmark of curiosity. They show passion and interest and the ability to want to master a topic.

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As a child, I was told I ask too many questions. I didn’t stop asking questions as I grew up. I will ask questions until I die. You can’t change some people’s thirst for knowledge.