Don’t always look for deeper meanings in things

lumberjack comic

Don’t always look for deeper meanings in things. Often things are just random.

Why am I saying this? I was texted today by some rando who called me a name that I used to be mistakenly called in the past. I laughed and smiled because I thought that it seems that I am just destined to have certain names or common things follow me.

It is easy to find patterns in life in things that aren’t there. We look to the clouds and see shapes but it is just a coincidence. We are born to look for patterns and then makeup stories to find patterns in things that have no pattern at all. It is a helpful thing to try to understand the world, but it takes some effort to really understand it. We have to educate ourselves about math, and science and then we can start to appreciate how ignorant we are.

Too often I have seen thoughtful and intelligent people get stuck on something from their past. The world doesn’t have to make perfect sense all the time. In fact, some things should never make sense. The senseless killing and pain inflicted in war. The selfish attitudes keep people from having their basic needs met. The casual brutality of violence and pain. That never makes sense to me.

Listen I get that people feel that if they don’t act with violence there isn’t enough for them. As a world, and as humans we can choose to build a society that is inclusive and supports all points of view. It is childish and unhelpful that we feel we have to be violent against other humans to survive. When we emerged from the forest did we trade our cooperation against the animals for a hatred among ourselves? Why do we see our brother and sister as dangerous to our survival when civilization thrived by helping everyone survive?

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We are going backward as a society when we start to attack each other. What is the point of living, if we can’t have a peaceful prosperous life for everyone?