Disappointed in Ubuntu


A long time ago I used Ubuntu and liked it. I tried it again yesterday and I did not like it.

The reason is because it crashed on me! I was using a built-in program I believe it was Software Update and it crashed. Linux Mint which is built on Ubuntu has never crashed. None of the applications have gotten frozen either like they do in Mac/Windows. I just stopped for a few minutes and tried to remember any crashing in my memory. I can’t remember one in LM.

I had only used Ubuntu on a new Virtualbox install for a few minutes when it crashed. It had 16GB of memory and plenty of resources. There was no reason it should have crashed. I have to remind the reader that in using Linux for a long time, it rarely crashes. It isn’t like what we have become used to with Mac/Windows. Where applications freeze and crash sometimes daily. It made me just want to delete the VB install and choose a different distro.

Why did I look at Ubuntu again? I wanted to research the second Linux that I will put on my main computer. I don’t need it to look like Windows or Mac. There are specific distributions for this. I just want something easy to use and so far LM has been the easiest Linux by far for me to use. As a tool, it has been incredible. When I used Windows 11 I felt like Microsoft was getting in the way of what I wanted to do. Like moving the dumb taskbar which we have been able to do since Windows 95. There is no reason for them to lock that down, and then lock down 3rd party tools that allow you to change that. No reason.

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Now it’s back to the drawing board and finding if there is something better than LM. I have read lots of opinions online but I find most of them not well thought out. For the average person, they want to do average things. I would love to support an OS that can help people who are not only rich but poor do what they need to thrive in the world. I see now that Windows/Mac has lost the lead on both UI and ease of use.