Delicious and nutritious Fruit Bars

delicious snack pies screenshot

I found the most delicious fruit bars and they are just like eating a piece of pie.

They are from a company called Betty Lou and I am just thrilled with all of the flavors. I think they are all great and most people including children will like them. They are almost perfect.

Why aren’t they perfect? I am not fond of ginger and they have just a hint of ginger. If you aren’t a supertaster like I am, then you won’t taste this. Even if you are, you might not care about this flavor and it will be a non-issue. Almost everyone loved these bars.

To me, they are about the size of big fig newton bars and about the same composition and texture. I love that format since it is moist and soft and easy to scarf down lots at one go. I only eat one per day since they are so delicious and sweet, and I think if I ate more I might feel sick.

The cost is $29 for 12 which is about $2.40 per bar. Expensive but it has lots of wholesome ingredients and the taste is very nice. So this is nice for an occasional snack. If you like fig newtons, you will probably love these.

Who wouldn’t like them? Probably anyone who doesn’t like sweet pie. The sweetness is certainly pie-like but it’s not overwhelmingly sickening. I think that they did a good job of balancing the ingredients. Further improvements might be a light or flaky crust or bits of fruit-like seeds that some pies have. I can understand why they may not want to do that, however, and it is still excellent as it is.

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All of the flavors are excellent, and while I am not fond of blueberry as much as the others it Is still well done. I was amazed at the strawberry, cherry, and apple taste. They added many fruits so the flavor is complex and not one dimensional. It is a foodie bar and if you are a foodie, you will love it.