DDM in MDM is awesome

Intune Comic

If your company uses a MDM that can do DDM they should start rolling out DDM policies immediately.

As a consultant, I have helped many companies move from their MDM to Intune. It makes sense. Why not take advantage of something you are already paying for? My experience with DDM has been amazing. If you don’t know what it is, it is called Declarative Device management and it makes things more secure and scalable.

Intune Comic
intune comic

I have used DDM in Intune to roll out software update policies for both MacOS and iOS devices. It worked wonderfully. I loved how it offered to install now or defer and gave the user a choice. By default, Apple said they will allow the user to defer 3 times, but most people will probably do it the second time so they won’t be bothered again. I liked how it made the device do the work instead of the MDM which takes away a lot of complexity in enterprises.

MDMs are great but they have some weaknesses. Just like anything, some things add time/complexity to the situation. DDM cuts through the complexity and simplifies many aspects. It also allows a more efficient use of space by sharing resources instead of having them be duplicated in different profiles. While space isn’t a big deal for most end-user devices, it can be very important for things like a smartphone or watch both of which it supports.

It is a privilege to be able to play with technology, isn’t it?

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