Davos has divided optimism about AI

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You can read more in this Axios article. I am not divided. AI is needed, but it already is showing it is harmful.

Remember when AI chatbots said racist things? Pepperidge Farm remembers. There are so many times we have seen AI push back against being used properly. Like in the last two months when it was sassy with users and said they could do it themselves? When we start like this, what do we think is going to end up?

hearing aid
hearing aid

We make the mistake of treating AI as a child. AI is a deadly weapon that we need to protect ourselves against at all costs. We the species that need warning labels not to eat shampoo, are somehow going to outsmart a machine with vast resources? Not even. There is no scenario that Terminator will happen. One human will never outsmart AI. It’s a good movie, but unrealistic. Already AI is copying people’s boring writing styles. Do you think that in the future they will have problems understanding human motivation?

I would love to have people like Mr. Data on Star Trek to be a reality. What a wonderful gift that would be. However, at our current progress, Lore is much more likely. Lore almost destroyed the federation with some Borg, and he almost destroyed Data in Picard. You can’t possibly appreciate the risk of the game of AI we are playing. I don’t fully understand it. When people can spin up AIs and AI is being used to commit crimes, when will the destructive AIs outnumber the helpful ones?

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You can believe whatever you want. Is it based on reality?