Couch delivery comes today

Couch Therapy Comic

I am excited that my new couch arrives today. I did lots of research about it and it seems like it will be comfortable and affordable. I hope it is all that the reviews said it is.

I haven’t had a couch for years. The last couch I had was very cheap and uncomfortable. I bought cheap furniture in the past because that was what I could afford, but now I have saved and can afford something better. This new couch is about 4 times the cost of the old one. I hope that gets me better quality.

Couch Therapy Comic
couch therapy comic

What I have learned from buying cheap furniture is that it may be comfortable for a short period like a year or so, but it quickly becomes difficult. Everything that I have bought that was cheap furniture has either turned out to be uncomfortable or fallen apart. It is difficult for poor people to buy something that can work long-term.

Some readers will say “You get what you pay for”. Not always. There are always exceptions and gems and things that last longer than they should. In the past when I would frequently move, I didn’t need long-term quality so this was ok. Now I want to stay here awhile, so I am willing to get something that is more durable.

Of course, I will share my experience with it once I have some experience. It is fun to try new things, isn’t it?

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