Copilot has been useless to me today

ms 365 copilot logo

I was excited to try out MS 365 Copilot but it has been useless to me today.

I first asked it to write a poem about addiction and it said it couldn’t. It said it violated its boundaries. Then it showed one of the buttons I could click on was “What are your boundaries” and I clicked on it. It didn’t work and didn’t do anything.

ms 365 copilot logo
ms 365 copilot logo

I cleared the window thinking it was an error/bug and I tried “What are your boundaries” It started to give me an answer and then stopped and said, “I’m sorry I can’t answer that now.” This is what it did to the next ten questions that I asked of it. I waited until later thinking that perhaps MS was just overwhelmed with traffic and typed in “write a rap battle between capitalism and communism” and it started to respond for three paragraphs in a very racist/stereotypical way. Then it cleared that and said “My mistake, I can’t give a response to that right now.

I couldn’t get it to generate anything creative when I chose the creative settings. It would start to answer and then say it couldn’t answer. This isn’t helpful, this is a waste of time. It didn’t respond to the options that it offered and it wouldn’t tell me its boundaries even though it offered to tell me its boundaries.

I don’t see the value in copilot.

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