Convenience vs helpful

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In life, we can choose between what is convenient and what is helpful. Most people decide what is convenient.

Why do I say this? I am just sharing the evidence of my research and my experience. Rough a 1/3 of US citizens consume fast food each day. While this may be convenient, it certainly isn’t helpful. We know the risks to our health both short and long-term. Why would we act in ways contrary to our best interests?

Now you might say, if they didn’t get fast food they may not eat anything for that meal. That is also true. That is also a problem that we as a society bear. Why do we allow money to be the mediator if someone gets fed or not? We have long past the point of having enough to provide for everyone. Why is capitalism so intent on destroying the workforce that created it?

I hear you say all people have to do is work to get fed. Not really. Plenty of people work 40-hour full-time jobs and don’t have enough money to pay basic rent much less food. This is a problem that we can’t ignore. Conveniently, things stay the same for many people, but it is not helpful at all.

What is helpful? That which enhances the ability of a person or others to be able to contribute, grow and become. Convenience is a powerful solution for people who love easy solutions. However, it both hurts our short and long-term options.

For example, it is convenient for people to over eat to reduce stress. It isn’t helpful. Many things that are convenient to do don’t help us. For example, in the past, I could have married some women but it wasn’t helpful that I did it. So I didn’t do it and now I have a better life than I would have had. It is always easy to do what is right in front of us, but to make a meaningful impact in the world we need to always consider the larger picture. Is there something else that we can imagine we can do and do to help even bigger numbers of people?

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Your life is evidence of your critical thinking. You show others that they have options no matter what their situation is. Give people options with your behavior and actions.