Companies who don’t pay their employees

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I have had the unfortunate experience to be an employee at companies that don’t pay their employees. I am sharing this so that you can learn from my mistakes.

The biggest company that was a problem was one that I worked for and missed its first pay date. They said they had a problem with the account and said it would be in my account the next day.  This went on until the next payday when they paid only a few hours. I stopped working for them and had to take to arbitration and won but they never paid me what I was owed. This mistake here is that once a company doesn’t pay you the first time, you stop working.

The next company said that they would pay me a base salary and the cost of occasional travel to their other branches. I never got paid for the cost of the frequent travel to their other branches. I lost money in that job and had to stop working for them because I couldn’t afford it. The lesson here is that if they promise something verbally, make sure it is written down so that when you have to take legal action it is enforceable.

Another company said that they would pay me for expenses once I submitted the receipts. I submitted the receipts and they never paid them. When I brought this up they said that the person who promised me to pay for them didn’t have that authority.

When companies don’t pay you in a timely manner and fail to keep their promises then there is only one thing you can do. You can try to resolve it and give them a reasonable period of time to pay you, and then you pack up and leave.

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Companies that don’t pay their employees don’t get employees.