Companies NEED you

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I know this will be hard for some to understand, but companies NEED you and you don’t need them.

The average US worker including me in the past felt that we are just another number. How special could we feel when getting a job was so arduous and time-consuming? When you would have a ridiculous process that doesn’t help get better workers, just workers who are desperate.

Now there is an article out that shows what should have been obvious all along. With the falling birth rates, there are going to be global shortages of workers. Which means it is no longer an employer’s market. This also means that the best companies cater to what the worker wants, not an out-of-touch white guy.

Don’t you think that the constant attempts to minimize the contributions of workers have been just silly? Constant articles about the dangers of WFH? The latest one was how people who do WFH are going to experience loneliness. If employers were concerned about the mental health of their employees they would offer lifetime health care. They don’t. They block legislation about health care. Not everyone is an extrovert. Not everyone wants to be around people all the time.

It is so hypocritical. People make decisions and the rules for the people they make decisions for are different than the rules they follow. This is going to stop. New workers won’t work in these conditions and experienced and skilled workers don’t have to.

As that old statement goes that employers used to say to people “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” The tables have turned and it can only be for the better.

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