Choosing to get sick in order to be healthy

covid comic

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Yet that is what we do every time we get a vaccine.

I got my Covid-19 vaccination knowing that I might get sick after taking it. To me, the choice was obvious and clear. No matter what happened after taking the vaccine, I would do it.

covid comic
covid comic

How fortunate we are to be able to choose if we want to take a vaccine or not. There are billions around the world who don’t have that opportunity. They are dying right now for a right that we enjoy. When we turn down the science in favor of ignorance, we not only help Covid spread but we contribute toward killing those who aren’t able to take it yet.

There is no reason to not take the Covid-19 vaccine. When your doctor says to take it, you should trust their judgment and so do. I read lots of stuff about it and I am not saying to do this because I think so. You should take it because as a fellow human being, if we can do something to return the world back to normality we should do it.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that everything that they are saying about the vaccine is true. It does track you, it does change your DNA, and it is made with the blood of innocent children. By taking it you have a greater chance to live and fight against those things that you hate. Not taking it only increases your chance of death and everyone else’s.

Let us be clear here. Every time the virus gets a chance to mutate everyone is further put at risk. This isn’t a debate. This isn’t open to interpretation. Right now we have strains that are caused by our inability to vaccinate everyone as quickly as ideal. The more time you have given this a chance to mutate, you risk potentially killing all those you love.

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Is the human race going to die over this? Probably not. However, how will you feel if you are the reason that someone you loved died? We can’t understand death that we cause that we can’t put our finger on. Everyone who can take a vaccine and who is not in the process of getting it is contributing to death worldwide. That is a fact.

Are you going to avoid a vaccine because it is your right? The right of society to live and be healthy is no less important than your individual rights. Already there is talk about separating those who don’t wish to vaccinate. Is that the kind of society you want? Is there any advantage to not taking the vaccine that is more important than others’ right to continue to exist?

I don’t think so.