Check the fundamentals

Basics Cartoon

Even though IT can automate many things, it is not perfect and you should always check the fundamentals.

I had the experience of getting a new computer system from two different companies using two very different systems. When I first logged in the time was off. It should have automatically sensed it and changed the time zone but it didn’t, so I manually did it. The second system was the same way. It should have recognized the time zone but didn’t, so I had to manually change it.

Basics Cartoon
basics cartoon

When you get a new computer system it probably is a good idea to do a quick check that things are ok. I mentioned before how after getting my MSI laptop back something seemed off. It turned out that the memory wasn’t completely installed, which I only figured out after taking the back cover off and fixing it. You can’t assume that professionals always do the job correctly.

Another thing that often trips people up is their internet connection. I used to help people figure out why they would have application issues like Zoom not working correctly, or very slow uploads for example. It took a little detective work, but eventually, their internet connection was to blame. Once they had their ISP visit them and fix things, they were thrilled with their performance.

It is easy to assume that the basics are working correctly. The basics are the hardest things to do. We take them for granted because most of the time they are reliable. However nothing is 100% and when things go wrong, you can only accept it and figure out a solution.

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If things aren’t going right in your life with technology or anything else check the basics. There is probably something you have overlooked.