Casting from Chrome was unacceptable quality

Chromes Secrets Comic

I had never cast using Chrome before. I tried it out yesterday but the quality was unacceptable.

My setup was a new ThinkPad from a consulting job I am currently working, on, and a Sony Bravia TV with the newest OS. With them both connected to a wifi network and no other traffic, the focus was unclear and the colors were poor. The longer I looked at it the worse it got. I could not use it for any length of time, and I couldn’t believe that something so poor was allowed to exist.

Chromes Secrets Comic
chromes secrets comic

In contrast, the quality has been great when I have used Apple Airplay for the most part. I don’t see too well even with glasses, so I am not the best judge of quality but I have been thrilled with it 99% of the time. There are times that Airplay freezes or is slow, and usually, that has to do with a serious system problem like running out of power or too many applications running and sucking up resources. Airplay is not perfect, but it is far superior compared to what I saw using Chrome Casting.

Why am I sharing this? I shared before that I was considering buying a projector when I moved. It would be nice to have it be wireless so I have to figure out a strategy for the PC laptops. I will use an Apple TV that I already have for the Mac, so I will need to research to find the highest-quality streaming device for PCs. I am open to suggestions if anyone wants to make any.

I shared that I was using an HDMI cable and I love the quality. I won’t stream on the PC if it flickers. Eliminating flicker is far more important to me than the resolution. I am not impressed with the 4k resolution. I guess when you grew up with a resolution that was a little better than a tic tac toe anything more than that seems acceptable. I looked at 8k resolution in a store display and I couldn’t see the difference between the 4k. I guess one of the advantages of wearing glasses is that you save money on home entertainment equipment. Those poor people with perfect vision! They have to spend so much money to enjoy a dumb movie.

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