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Can a web browser be the future of working?

Apple Funny Comic

I was thinking today as Brave was refreshing, that I only need a web browser on a computer to be productive.

In the past, and until recently I always used to install Office. Now most companies use Office online, and I don’t need the full versions of Word to be productive. I thought it was strange that Windows doesn’t offer an option like Chrome OS to let the browser be the interface. I think that would help many people who are using mostly online versions of products and data storage.

Apple Funny Comic
apple funny comic

For example, it would be awesome if there was a browser integration that integrated your favorite browser. I would choose Brave and when I boot up my Windows/Mac computer I would want to see at the top the browser bar/UI and my homepage already loaded or the same options as current browsers and whatever tabs I may have had open. There needs to be better integration and fewer walls between the OS and the browser. Then the browser could take advantage of the OS functionality and potentially even replace the UI for the OS. Apple/Windows UI has gotten closer, but it can still be confusing for the average person. Perhaps it is now time to bury the hatchet and come together to combine the best of the Mac/Windows into one OS with emulation or whatever and not make the OS choice an issue.

Windows OS market share is declining. I think this is for a variety of reasons. I think people are tired of the Windows upgrade cycle and tired of the invasion of privacy. I think the privacy issue alone is why Mac is doing better with companies. Windows OS is being perceived as an option that isn’t necessary anymore. End users can use Linux/Mac, or even cloud computers or functions or webpages and I see this trend accelerating in the future.

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So why not just skip the process and jump to the end state? The end state will be everything online, and an UI that doesn’t keep reinventing itself every decade. People like smartphone/tablet apps because they are changing the UI and hiding the complexity. I don’t like the dumbing down of UI, but I understand that for the average person, this will continue. The UI should be configurable. It should be simple for the average user, and allow customization for the advanced user. Windows 11 has dumbed down the UI which might help their sales but frustrates IT departments and many decision-makers who just decide to switch to Linux/Mac.

If I love the web browser interface so much why don’t I like Chrome OS? I don’t like Google, and so I don’t like any of their products. I think they have been and will be replaced in the future. They were lucky, but when they started firing the geniuses that made them successful their fate was sealed. Apple/MS are the future, and one day the death of FAANG is certain.