Buy the best computer you can afford

buy the best comic

I have realized that you shouldn’t try to save money on certain things in your life. Things like: bed, food, and your computer for one.

Buy the best computer you can afford. Why do I say this? You only have so much time in your life, and using a slow computer just isn’t worth it. It doesn’t matter how much money you save if you want to kill yourself because it is so slow to use.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I used a mac computer until it fell apart, and it has been so painful the last few years. Why did I do this to myself?  Mostly because I was curious how long it would last, but also because I didn’t have extra money to buy a computer replacement. Now the situation has changed. I can afford a new computer if I want, but I don’t need it and the current one is very adequate for my needs.

Most of us work on the computer as part of our job. Since I work in IT, the computer is both my work and personal device. I don’t want to deal with issues on my computer once I am done for the day. It has been a pleasure having the current computer I use. It is the best computer I ever had and also the most expensive one. It was a gift and I wouldn’t have bought it for myself. However, now that I have used it, I only want a nice computer in the future.

Is this just liking more expensive things? No, the things that you use all the time you really can enjoy when you exceed your needs. For example, I shared that I had bought a Purple Mattress and I love it. No, I am not sponsored by them. What I love is that for me, it has fixed my back issues and the quality of my life improved. When I eat food that doesn’t have extra ingredients the quality of my life improves. When I use this computer which is fast and easy to use, the quality of my life has improved.

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It is strange, isn’t it? I have spent far more on things that didn’t improve the quality of my life but negatively impacted it. Look at the things that you do for most of your day and ask if there is an easier way to accomplish them. Then budget and get that improvement. That will make you happy in a way that you can’t imagine.