Be succinct

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Be succinct.

What makes writers memorable is how they turned a phrase in an unexpected way. They took what we expected to happen, and made something magical happen in our thoughts. That’s what makes a good writer and a good communicator.

I used to be a newspaper reporter and my editor was always asking me to write articles with a particular word count. This at first was a challenge. I wanted to say so much. After all, I had done the research why let it go to waste? What I learned is that with limited space, your writing had to be compelling and make people want to read it. I found ways to be compelling and my editor always appreciated what I shared with him.

Possibly for that reason, I write like I do today. In life, you learn to focus on things or they don’t happen. Writing and speaking is lighting a fire within people. You want your words to burn in their hearts and minds. You find what motivates people and then speak to that. When you show and share your humanity writing rarely fails.

What does our life mean if we can’t enjoy each day of it? What would you give to feel each day with the sadness and joy and be able to share that with those you love? You must speak to the most essential things in life. In time you learn that certain things don’t matter, and even though you are aware of their existence, they don’t have to plague you.

For example, when we are unwise we think of everything but what is the most important. As we see through our experiences we identify what truly matters. Being kind, empathic, and finding ways to bring joy and peace into the world. Shallow people concern themselves with their own pleasure, but wise people look towards the growth of themselves and those around them. Which one are you?

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