Be embarrassingly honest with your doctor

Doctor Trust Comic

If you aren’t embarrassed sometimes by what you tell your doctor, you aren’t being honest enough with them.

We like to think of ourselves as strong and invincible but we are not. When we are not honest with the people who are here to help us, we only hurt ourselves. Why am I sharing this? To say that I fell into this trap myself. I had an issue and it was embarrassing and I didn’t want to tell the doctor. However the more that I thought about it, the more I realized that my pride was keeping me from making my life healthier and easier. So I resolved to tell the doctor and did, and it went better than I expected. I didn’t feel embarrassed and she said it was a common issue that men suffer from.

Doctor Trust Comic
doctor trust comic

Many medical providers understand that some health topics are sensitive and cause people to feel embarrassed. I have been to many doctors, and let’s say out of the 100 that I have visited only two were jerks. The rest were very compassionate and non-judgmental. My primary doctor is the most non-judgmental person that I know and she has been an example/mentor for me to be even more accepting of others.

In life, we have the choice between deception and honesty. Too often people become successful by being deceptive, but they lose the most important things in life. They lose the trust of other people and the chance to be loved. People can’t love without trust.

What was the result of the issue that I had that the doctor heard and didn’t judge me? The issue was resolved and it made my life easier and more pleasant. In life, you can’t avoid difficult conversations. I don’t shy away from difficult conversations. If you don’t embrace change you only hurt yourself and those around you. Be open to life, and be honest with everyone including your doctor.

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