Are you being gaslight by being told you are too sensitive?

gaslight comic

I shared earlier that I had a boss that told told me I was too sensitive. He was not emotionally intelligent, and I did not stay in that position as long as I would have liked to.

There are many ways that we are gaslighted by others. The main purpose however of gaslighting Is to say that your feelings and point of view are invalid and that you are wrong for having them. This is what people in power do. They try to deny your reality, and that never helps anyone.

What happens as you experience life is that certain kinds of people just aren’t worth interacting with. Not that they are wrong or bad as people, but that you have learned that they have nothing to offer you. It it wonderful that we can respect and be kind to others, but some people just like causing problems and enjoy the chaos they bring to situations.

I am tired of those people. I will not interact with people who seek to sew destruction if I have the choice. Of course if I work with them I call their behavior out, and seek HR or whatever resource to fix it. In past companies I have gone to HR when people are hostile or abusive. If a company corrects it, then good on them. If they don’t, then it is time to leave the company.

Too many people work in toxic companies and accept it. We have the choice if we are abused or not. We can leave situations and we are better off when we leave toxic situations. No matter what the economic consequences are, our health and happiness is worth more than a paycheck. People who don’t understand this, will continue to kill themselves for a paycheck and it is a self-created problem.

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Nothing is worth being stressed about something that is someone else’s problem. No amount of money buys happiness or life.