Anger is a luxury of the rich

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If you are angry, you have to be rich.

Poor people can’t be angry. They have to please their boss or whoever is giving them their source of income. Even if they feel angry they can’t show it or express it because they need to survive economically. However, when you are rich, you can be a jerk and be angry and mean to everyone you meet because it has no direct consequence to you.

angry plugin review
angry plugin review

I have seen this play out in real life. I lived in nice places even though I wasn’t rich due to my living situation. I interacted with rich people who didn’t have the respect of others or even a little kindness in their hearts. They were cruel to me and to others around them. Let me give you an example. One day my boss asked me to come help him with a problem. When I arrived a few minutes later he was yelling at one employee. When I went to leave he motioned for me to stay, and then after that person left he yelled at me. What a jerk he was.

This isn’t just about my experience, however. We have seen as a society that the rich don’t pay their share of taxes which takes care of everyone in society. As our society becomes less educated and more desperate, this plays into the desire to get cheap labor. The people who are the most angry, have the least to be angry about.

We see examples every day of people who are angry and rich. Why are they angry? They are angry at other people’s choices. They don’t want people to have the freedom to choose. They want them to be as miserable as they are. They want to punish people, and they want to be loved and worshiped. Rich angry people appeal to the worst part of humanity. The part that feels that we have to earn other’s respect. Respect belongs to everyone. No matter what rich and angry people say.

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