AI to help you deal with grief?

Therapy Ai Comic

This article talks about how AI is being used by some people to deal with grief/anxiety. Sometimes with deadly consequences when it screws up.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I read it. Grief is a complex feeling and no AI could help me with that. It is great if some people feel helped by it, but I wonder if it would have been healthier if they had just dealt with the emotions directly instead of using AI.

Therapy Ai Comic
therapy ai comic

One of the worst aspects of all of the choices we have in the Western world is that we often make decisions that are based on ease of use, instead of what we need. If we can get a quick answer with Chat-GPT why not use it? Why not take the first search result from Google? Many people just want to survive the day, and can’t think past that period. This kind of thinking does not help us.

I don’t know what is right for people, and I am not saying that you shouldn’t use AI as a chatbot or therapist or to help deal with grief. Human therapists are flawed and I can understand why AI seems easier. Ultimately though it is by challenging ourself each day that we grow and are able to cope with life. To me, an AI is limited and doesn’t have the nuance and perspective that even a bad therapist can provide.

My goal here is not to get you to go to a therapist. It is simply to ask myself before I look for an answer external to myself, should I ask myself first what is going on inside? I swear, some of you think that introspection is like Kryptonite. Looking inside is always the most reliable answer once you have considered what other people think and done research on the situation you are in. Mentors can be valuable, but almost 100% they confirmed what I was feeling/thinking inside but were not able to be honest with me. We know when we do something that doesn’t help us, but we fool ourselves with excuses that don’t help us.

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It is ok to cry, it is ok to be vulnerable and have an open heart and mind with people who care about you. if you don’t have people who care about you, then make some. Go out in the world and your hobbies find others who might share the same feelings and thoughts. Be brave and go first and open up. This has always worked for me and I have been fortunate that people have wanted to know me better. There are helpful and lovely people out there who can help you deal with grief. Use AI if you want, but a friend is better.