AI news app makes up stories

AI funny comic
AI funny comic
AI funny comic

Honestly, what do people expect will happen? If you try to save money by misusing AI, it will only ruin your brand. Read more here.

Now I’m not going to talk about greed. We know that people are greedy. I will talk about the valuable role that a person plays in determining what is news. It isn’t just a set of criteria but also intuition and experience. This story hits close to home for me because in the past I was a reporter for a small-town paper. I had people from the community request that I write their news, and many times I had to turn down those requests. Yes, they were news, but there was too much self-interest wrapped up in the request.

News is a political thing as much as it is a factual thing. No society needs to know everything that happens inside of it. However, news does play a critical role in righting the wrongs that happen, providing oversight, and reducing corruption. It is a last resort of society when self-policing, laws, and other safety nets have failed. Too often news has been twisted into an ideological rallying point. I feel that when I read every news story. The bias in the writing is so evident. Often I feel that the headlines and kinds of topics are just designed to appeal to people’s emotions so that they are addicted to feeling “righteous” and correct instead of what is helpful for society.

I understand that people want to have their beliefs confirmed. The problem with this is that often people are wrong. Everyone is wrong most of the time. Rather than trying to appeal to biased beliefs, we need to always look for facts, logic, and reason in our conversations and news. Sadly this is lacking, and getting worse. One of the things that I do here is present facts and sources so that you can evaluate them and come to your conclusions. I know what I believe, but that isn’t necessarily the truth and everyone needs to realize that about their beliefs.

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To me, there is no difference between AI making up stories and a deliberate attempt at misinformation. Someone decided to use AI either knowing or not knowing that it was unreliable and they are culpable for that. If a source doesn’t care about the truth, it is no longer a news source for me. If people want to believe whatever they want to believe, then why bother reading the news? Just say whatever garbage you want and be as stubborn as you are now. Save yourself some time.