Acupuncture is addictive

Acupuncture Funny Comic

In the past, I went to a doctor who treated me and used acupuncture to heal the condition. I had never done it before but I was willing to try. I trusted her and she was the same person as my NMT doctor.

Why am I sharing this? Doing acupuncture was one of the most relaxing and fun experiences of my life. Almost 99% of the time I didn’t feel anything unpleasant. The 1% I did feel something unpleasant it was overly quick like less than a second, and it was either a feeling of heat or cold and it was only a moment, and then it was over. When I asked the doctor about it she said that it is normal.

Acupuncture Funny Comic
acupuncture funny comic

I am not a medical professional so never take anything I say as medical advice. I have had the experience however of weekly repeated treatments and the longer that I did acupuncture,  the more that I wanted to continue doing it. I only stopped because I didn’t have the funds to continue and NMT replaced the work that acupuncture was doing. However, if money was no object I would get regular acupuncture treatments. They were more relaxing than the regular therapeutic massage I used to get.

If you have never done acupuncture you might be surprised at what it can heal. I shared before that I had a migraine headache and a different acupuncturist healed it. It took two hours of me relaxing in a dark room with the needles, but slowly the pain reduced and I was so grateful. I didn’t care how much she charged to have that pain gone. It was about $200 I believe because rarely is acupuncture in the network.

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I have had friends use it as well and it has fixed every condition they have presented for it. It is not a silver bullet, but it is remarkable how versatile it is. It has fixed my frozen shoulder, neck, back issues, circulation, and so on. It feels so good to have everything working as designed in your body. These (acupuncture/NMT)  have been the two most effective ways that I have healed and maintained my health.

The next time you don’t feel good call give acupuncture a try and I bet you will be glad you did.