A big battery is a great solar energy experience

solar bear comic

A big battery makes a great solar energy experience.

solar bear comic
solar bear comic

This past week there hasn’t been enough sun to put out my solar panel. I didn’t stress or worry though. I have enough stored up for my needs for several weeks. This is not to brag, but rather to say that solar panel works great when you invest in a larger battery than you think you may need.

Right now I have one of my solar generators at half power, and the smaller solar generator completely full. Since I don’t depend on solar at the moment for anything critical, it is not a big deal if I have some days where I don’t collect enough power. I am going slowly to ramp up and understand how much solar I can collect and what is reasonable to invest in. When my new solar battery comes in, I will start using it for the laptops that I use for work, and then it becomes more critical for me.

For the last week, I haven’t had any issues charging up two iPhones, solar panel lights, iPad, cleaning tool, and things like this. These don’t have to run all the time and are pretty energy efficient. I must admit that more energy-efficient appliances are appealing to me since those are things that I can support if the power stops. I have moved away from the power-sucking PS4/TV and can live without them. I would need far more solar panels than I could reasonably put outside the window so for me, there is a balance. Honestly after using the Playstation for 20 years, I think I have had enough, and that’s okay too.

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If you get a battery in your solar power setup, you will be amazed at how you lived without it. Now when the power goes out I don’t sweat it. I know I will have plenty of power for my iPhone, fan, and even internet router if I want. I will survive with no stress and it will be thanks to this solar power hobby.