96% of people will shock other people for money

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"For the record. This is usually the exact moment during one of your projects when things go horribly wrong."

What will people do for money?. Flawed study or reflection of culture? I hope it’s a flawed study.

Remember how I talked about before how hypocritical we are? Is it any wonder that people in positions of power and wealth don’t care about those who are not in those positions of power? If we hurt each other for a few bucks, what will more money motivate us to do?

I have seen firsthand what money motivates people to do. I shared before that I worked with people who made terrible decisions that directly hurt people because of financial incentives. These decisions caused death directly and there was nothing that I could do to change the situation.

It is not our job to punish or look for justice for people who do wrong. They are punished by their own actions. I saw firsthand the misery, suffering, and sadness that they had in their lives. It was a terrible life they had, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I am not excusing what they did. It was unhelpful and illegal. I am just saying that no one who hurts others escapes harm by it.

I must admit that when I read this article I felt sad. The horrors of history we believe now were because they were ignorant, didn’t have the internet, or just stupid people. Yet with all that we have now, we are still guilty of the same things. We haven’t learned from history and we are repeating it. Does hurting others ever help us? No. Does it advance our beliefs when others suffer? No. All it does is create criminals and destruction.

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If you are willing to do anything for money, be prepared for others to hurt you for money as well.