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Stories from my Past: You will need gum surgery

It is painful sometimes what life gives us. One time I was told that needed gum surgery, and I really did need it.

So I scheduled a time to have it, and I researched any options to heal my gums. Several times in my past I have been told I need surgery and I was always able to find something to heal it and avoid surgery. I am very motivated to avoid surgery.

The dentist didn’t believe there was an option but surgery, and I respect their point of view and experience. I do disagree with it however. Most of the time surgery is just an excuse to not try natural methods of healing. Of course sometimes surgery is unavoidable, and no amount of natural healing will work. I would not advocate for herbs when I am shot. I want drugs and lots of them until I heal.

Why am I sharing this with you? I think too often we give up and don’t take enough responsibility for our health. If we can afford it, investing in our health is wonderful. I pay for health care out of pocket. I love feeling healthy. So to me, getting a regular massage or trying natural things to be healthy has made my life so wonderful.

How did I fix it? One, I started taking a multivitamin for men. Two, I bought a natural mouthwash that said it healed the mouth. Three, I ate more vegetables than I have ever eaten in my life. Four and the most important one, I saw my NMT doctor who worked on this issue perhaps 6 times. Each time she worked on me I saw an improvement. It is amazing.

I perhaps paid $600 out of pocket for all of this. I avoided an easy month of pain from having my gums sliced, and then it would have also taken gum tissue away that I would have never recovered from. It avoided having to be injected with sickening anesthetic drugs, and the trauma of the event itself. Man, I would have paid as much money as I have to avoid surgery. What use is money if you aren’t healthy?

To me, feeling good means sometimes I have to invest in my health. I never question those expenses. Having a nice car, clothes whatever never is a fraction of the happiness being healthy is. What is your priority in life?