You know your adult when…

adult choices comic
  • Sleeping is more important than whatever you used to stay up late at night doing
  • Saving money becomes more important rather than spending it.
  • You buy an expensive desk chair because of back problems.
  • You don’t care how things look but how they function.
  • Being popular isn’t important, being authentic is.
  • Things that save you time are valuable to you.
  • You are ok with being wrong, and you can learn from others.
  • You look to yourself as sometimes the best mentor you can have.
  • Doctors are your friend, not a burden.
  • You eat things that make you feel good, not that always taste good.
  • You can say no to things that don’t help you, even though you are tempted by them.
  • Your appearance is not a reflection of your self-worth.
  • Your success is about being happy not about achieving an arbitrary standard.
  • You love based on what is inside, not for superficial reasons.
  • You give because you want to, not for any other reason.
  • Doing things to excess aren’t fun anymore, and being balanced seems a better strategy.
  • You realize time is so important that money is nothing compared to that.
  • You pay for things that you can do yourself because you would rather spend time doing other things.
  • You start to see the essential tragedy and comedy of the human condition.
  • You look forward to things that are silly to others but encouraging to you.
  • You forgive others who may have done the best they knew how to do in the past.
  • The past and the future are an illusion and you live in the present.
  • You read silly lists like this to see if you have forgotten anything important or to remind yourself of your own values.
  • Insults don’t bother you. That person has issues that have nothing to do with you.
  • How other people treat you says everything about themselves and nothing about you. They don’t know who you are.
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