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You don’t have to live a cliche

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I have noticed that people seem to live a life of cliche just because they don’t want to put an effort into being something more.

For example, I once was friends with someone who was so smart she could literally do anything she wanted. Her father was well off and she had the entire world at her feet. Years later, I discovered that she was a housewife and a submissive person in her religion. Of course, she could have found happiness doing that but I grew up with her and her best friend and knew her and it was more likely that she had been programmed to live that life.

Everyone is free to do as they choose, and as much as people want to believe they are free they are not. Most people I see just want things because that is what they have been taught to want. They live their life stumbling trying to live up to other people’s standards and goals. I think that a large part of why people feel emptiness and depression is that they haven’t looked inside themself and asked what they need to be happy. Not what is socially expected of them.

I learned long ago that the expectations others have for you, although well-meaning are usually unhelpful. As much as possible I do not expect from others. I give and if they choose to give back that is their choice. I don’t believe love is a transaction. I don’t believe that you love someone because they love you, or if you do something for them then they must do something for you. Love is when you give and don’t count the cost. Love is when you give and the other person has no idea that you gave.

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Today are you happy because your belly is full, or because your heart and spirit are full? Are you thriving in your own personal development, or do you think you are thriving because you have lots of stuff? Is collecting things more important than collecting experiences? If you were to die today would you be happy with how you spent your life and time?

Don’t live for just yourself and don’t just live for others.