Wrinkles in Womens lips

beauty standards comic

I had a facial once and the woman asked if I wanted to have a lip treatment. I had never done this before so said “Sure!”.

While she was working on me I asked questions about the nature of this treatment. She said it was to eliminate lines that you can see in women’s lips as they age she said. I told her that I had never noticed a line in women’s lips and I had looked at many women in my life.

She said the lines were there, and that I only needed to notice them. I thought to myself what a ridiculous thing to be focused on. I was kind of upset that a woman needs to be concerned about having a line on her lip, and that men aren’t even aware of this silly standard of beauty. I asked the facialist if having those lines was a medical problem or meant that someone couldn’t eat. She laughed and said that women like to look perfect. Why?

I can’t understand this. I can’t understand why women who look perfectly fine by the way with wrinkles, would want this. My grandmother had wrinkles all over and I didn’t find her less wise and interesting, but rather that was just part of who she was. A woman’s value is not in her appearance or lines or lack of them. It is in her character, intelligence, and kindness.

As a society, we need to let go of these harmful ideas that women have to be beautiful and men have to be rich and successful. All men and women need to do is treat each other with kindness and love, and everything else is just some economic BS.

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I don’t look at women or men to find fault with them. I don’t look for a defect in another person. I look to value their strengths, their abilities, and their heart. Why are we looking at the surface of their lips, instead of the content of their character?