Workers are trading their health for surviving

Work Efficiency Comic

You have probably seen the statistics that US citizens are gaining weight. We are also trading our health for survival.

Work Efficiency Comic
work efficiency comic

I have worked in offices where I saw firsthand the breakdown in productivity, attitude, and frustration that people felt. In any organization, the people at the bottom feel it the strongest because we are the cat that you can kick without consequences. I was often kicked emotionally by people who didn’t have good self-control. I am not complaining but just reminding those in charge that when the lowest-ranking people leave, it is because it is a toxic environment.

Of course to a business that isn’t a sign for most of them. They just tell themselves that they weren’t committed like the higher ranking/higher paid ones are. What I have seen is that in most companies I have worked at, the higher someone gets paid the more willing they are to suffer all kinds of abuse and that isn’t healthy or necessary.

Too often people don’t consider the effect and cost to their health when they are working. Too often people stay in toxic environments for the money, and it eats them up inside. I  know because my coworkers confide in me their uncertainty and anxiety, and I tell them what I believe. You do your best and let the cards fall where they may. You can’t control other people’s decisions and you don’t want to.

I shared earlier how I had been verbally and emotionally abused at one place I worked at but I didn’t quit. I believed in the inherent goodness of people. At some point, you have to value your emotional well-being as much as surviving in life economically. Always have six months of salary saved up so you don’t have to choose abuse. If it is physical abuse then leave. No one has the right to hurt you. Emotional abuse is worse however because it can destroy your self-confidence and well-being. Find a way to escape, no matter the cost to your short-term financial picture.

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